Hyderabad: Traffic challans worth 8.59 cr issued in just 3 months

Hyderabad has seen a significant rise in traffic challans since the new government took office, with 8.3 lakh challans issued in the city. From December 1, 2023, to February 22, 2024, a total of Rs 8,59,20,025 in fines were imposed on vehicles. According to RTI data, there are approximately 6.15 lakh pending cases of challans during this period, indicating the scale of the traffic violations in Hyderabad. However, there has been progress in clearing the pending fines, with Rs 3.8 crore paid during the same timeframe. Two-wheelers accounted for the majority of the cases, with 5.90 lakh cases booked, amounting to Rs 17.59 crore in fines. Despite this, only 1.41 lakh cases paid the challan amount worth Rs 2.10 crore, leaving 4.49 lakh pending cases. Similarly, three-wheelers and four-wheelers also faced significant fines, with 60,337 cases and 1.82 lakh cases booked, respectively. However, the number of pending cases remains high, indicating the challenges in enforcement and compliance. RTI activist Kareem Ansari raised concerns about the increasing number of pending challans, particularly for two-wheelers. He highlighted the need for proper action by the government to address traffic management issues and ensure compliance with traffic regulations. Ansari’s RTI request aimed to understand the trend in traffic challans following the change in government. He noted that during the previous administration, challans were imposed more strictly, indicating a potential shift in enforcement priorities. The response from the Hyderabad Commissioner of Police’s office provided detailed insights into the challans issued and pending cases, shedding light on the magnitude of traffic violations in the city.